Fall Foliage Workshop Highlights

The participants in my recent Maine Fall Foliage workshop discovered many creative solutions that helped them focus on their personal vision. The inspiration and new perspectives they found are ultimately more important than the images they made; these new insights will influence all the images they’ll soon make. They found some very nice images too.
What can you do to find more inspiration for your images?
What new perspectives can you find to enrich your images?

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Workshop Review – Along the Waterline

At the end of my field workshops we do rapid fire reviews of the work done that week. Everyone puts in at least 6 images. We don’t know who’s pictures we’re looking at. We call out star ratings fast getting a quick first impression. Then we state quickly and simply why the image works or doesn’t work and how it could be improved. You get honest feedback and many diverse perspectives in a minimum amount of time. At the end, we sometimes look at all the images of each individual grouped together; suddenly new connections are made; sometimes images work better in context with one another than standing alone. The process is really enjoyable and educational.
Here are a few of the standouts from the week.

Anne Davey, having identified unifying elements in an extend portfolio review before the workshop, knew with confidence she would always be obsessed with color. But she took a risk in exploring pure abstraction this week.

Jim Brewster, after years of professional work for others, reconnected with his authentic voice this week, “I took ME off the shelf.” Initially he was documenting situations without composing them. With a little prompting he put the two together.

Sam Krisch enjoyed exploring a guiding metaphor, in his case a Kafkaesque paranoia. It gave him a subjective sensibility to unite many diverse experiences.

William Barek continued his explorations in photo-impressionism.

Rob Sylvan found many ways of connecting to story and themes with words helpful to find new perspectives and a deeper sense of connection in his images.

Jeff Fox admitted he was obsessed with structure and was torn between abstraction and representation
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Special Guests – Greg Barnett & Patti Russotti

Having special guests always adds extra positive energy into an already dynamic mix. Special guests Greg Barnett and Patti Russotti, both long-time high-level educators at RIT with vast experiences in the medium and it’s digital evolution, participated in my recent field workshop Along the Waterline. Their presence and the receptivity of the students encouraged me to ramp up the curriculum to an even more advanced level conceptually. We moved progressively varying our modes of inquiry, to identifying ways of looking, focussing on themes, and identifying ways to make the finally images more psychologically loaded. Each day built upon the previous one. At the end, everyone had increased their skillset, learned a lot of different ways of looking, and deepened their authentic voice. It’s great to see everyone progress together, all in different ways. It was really stimulating for everyone involved. In many ways, both small and large, it will change my teaching for the better.
Greg and Patti mind at the end of the week here.
“Over the last few days while working with John Paul, I’ve had somewhat of a breakthrough …”
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