Choosing Your Workshop

Which workshop is right for you?
Which of these best describes where you are now?
I want help strengthening my personal vision and style.
Take The Art Of Creativity and The Art Of Processing.
I’d like to expand my personal vision and style while exploring an exotic location.
Take one of my Field workshops.
I have a personal project I’d like feedback on and help completing.
Take my Perfecting Your Project workshop.
I’m new to Lightroom and Photoshop.
Don’t take one of my printing workshops – yet. Get ready for them by exploring my free online resources and my DVDs. You’ll be fine in my creativity and field workshops.
I’m comfortable with Lightroom and Photoshop but my skills need improving.
Take my Printing Intermediate workshop.
Color management is still a bit of a mystery to me.
Take my Printing Intermediate workshop.
My Photoshop selections and masking skills are weak.
Take my Printing Intermediate workshop.
I’ve got selections and masking in Photoshop down and I want to take my skills to the next level.
Take my Printing Advanced workshop.
I can make a technically perfect print but I want to make my printing more personal.
Take my Printing Advanced workshop.
I have specific questions I want answered and I want to go at my own pace.
Sign up for one of the limited number of one-on-one consulting sessions I offer.
Space is limited. Sign up now.