PhotoShelter's Free The Photography Blog Handbook


PhotoShelter’s new free guide The Photography Blog Handbook covers all the basics and offers real world case studies.
Topics covered include …
– Blog to promote your brand, increase your SEO, and generate sales.
– Create a blog workflow.
– Expand your reach through social media.
– Be inspired by a list of recommended blog topics.
– Get tips direct from photographers having success with blogging.
If you’re new to blogging, it’s a must read.
If you’re a veteran blogger, it’s still worth skimming.
Download it here.

Printing 101 Notebook – Ron Martinsen

“Ron Martinsen is an internationally renowned commercial photographer who has educated over 800,000 visitors on his popular Photography and Photoshop blog. His printing series last year was a huge hit, but there was so much great information to share that his loyal readers asked for a book. Printing 101 Notebook: An Introduction to Fine Art Photography Printing is an eBook that is designed to help frustrated ink jet printer users get the most out of their investment by educating them on everything they will need to make great prints.”
Ron Martinsen’s ebook Printing 101 is packed with digital printing tips and tricks, peppered with links to more resources. In a casual personal tone he offers advice based on his real world experience. While the book is applicable to photographers using any inkjet printer, it offers more information on Canon printers than any other source I’ve encountered. The supporting interviews with industry leaders in printing offer even more information from a diverse group of individuals.
Find out more about Ron Martinsen here.
Get your copy of the Printing 101 Notebook at Flatbooks.
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Unknown Patagonia – Free eBook – Linde Waidhofer

Linde Waidhofer has released her latest book – Unknown Patagonia – available in hardcover or as a free ebook.
“This book is a visual exploration of a precious and so-far unspoiled part of the world that I have fallen in love with. But Central Chilean Patagonia, the Patagonia that no one knows, is a threatened landscape—threatened by destructive mega-dam projects and enormous ugly power transmission lines.”
Read more on Outdoor Photographer.
Download Unknown Patagonia here.
You’ll also find 6 other free ebooks of her beautiful landscape photography.

Learn more about Linde Waidhofer here.
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Ansel Adams iPad App

The world of ebooks is maturing rapidly.
Recently an iPad App entitled Ansel Adams was released. It contains …
– 40 images (which can be viewed either with or without commentary)
– 3 videos (one includes Adams playing piano)
– 1 interview (Playboy magazine)
– letters (with other luminaries like Steiglitz, O’Keefe, Weston, and others)
– postcards (send your own virtual postcard from the app)
– weblinks
– chronology and bibliography.
The content reveals a great deal about the artist’s art and life.
This ebook/app suggests many of the kinds of content and form factors that will inevitably reshape the very nature of the book, when it is delivered electronically.
Find the ebook/app here.
Learn more about Ansel Adams here.
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William Neill – Impressions of Light Digital Book

World reknowned landscape photographer William Neill recently released his new digital book Impressions of Light containing all new work with a twist. “Throughout my career, I have been seeking to inspire passion for the natural world and convey my emotional response to the subjects I photograph – that of awe and wonder. In 2005, when I learned a new way for me to convey such an emotional response by the use of camera movement during exposure, I began creating a new body of work entitled Impressions of Light. Inspired by color photographers Ernst Haas and Freeman Patterson, and of course the great Impressionistic painters, this work is simply another way. See how experimentation reinvigorates a contemporary master’s process in this new work.
Containing 100 pages with 69 photographs, Impressions of Light is available as a downloadable PDF only. A special introductory price of $15.00 USD is available until October 1 – thereafter $19.95.
Read more about and see more of William Neill’s Impressions of Light digital book here.

William Neil – Landscapes of the Spirit

Landscapes of the Spirit is one of my favorite landscape books. It’s out of print. But now it’s available in a digital edition. You can download a PDF version of the book for $15.
Its 120 pages offer 72 images arranged in portfolios introduced by texts from writers such as Wendell Berry, Rachel Carson, Annie Dillard, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Terry Tempest Williams, and many others.
It’s pure inspiration.
Find out more about William Neill here.