“In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast Terry White gives us a first look at Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad. With Photoshop Touch you can edit and composite images in the same ways that you can on the desktop version of Photoshop.”

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As far as magic moments go, few can compare to those fleeting moments when light streams from the heavens or wraps around objects, as if making visible some some divine presence. Kings and priests would pay dearly for the ability to place such signs at their command. You can have it for the simple price of an app.

Rays identifies highlights within an image and uses them as sources to render rays of light from …

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Skies can make or break a landscape/seascape. Skies can dramatically alter the mood of any composition. In this video I show several variations of one composition and demonstrate how to replace an old sky or add a new sky.

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Find an insightful collection of 8 quotes selected by Sean Kernan – and the stories behind them.

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“I’m not trying to make paintings, I’m trying to find something out.” – Piet Mondrian

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When it comes to photography, you can do a lot with a little light. Adding light into your images offers many creative possibilities: add a sparkle to someone’s eyes, make highlights shine, enhance an atmospheric effect, trace a constellation in the sky, render a cinematic special effect, and much, much more. In short, you can enhance the center of attention in any image or create a new one.

Adding light into your photographs after exposure just got easier on your iPhone. Brain Fever Media makes two apps that can add light fx to your images: Lens Flare and Lens Light.

Lens Flare offers 45 different effects — mostly star patterns, some edge flares, and a few linear streaks.

Lens Light offers 54 different effects including rays, spotlights, streaks, scratches, and even suns, moons, and lightning.

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