Join me Saturday, April 18th at the Cape Cod Art Association in Hyannis, MA at  9am – 4pm.

I’ll present five Canon sponsored lectures Illuminating Creativity, Game Changers, Fine Art Digital Printing, Photoshop Color Strategies, and Lighting FX.

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Enjoy these special industry discounts.
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Adobe …………………..view post
Borrow Lenses ……….JPC5
Chromix                        view post
Epson                             view post
Flypaper Textures      johnpaul
FotoQuote                    JPC0111
Helicon Focus             45K2D46GT2
Imagenomic                JPC2007
Moab                              JPMOAB2011
NEC                                JPCPHOTO
OnOne                           PRINT20
Pixel Genius               JPC15CPN
Photomatix                 johnpaulcaponigro
Visible Dust                view post
Find out more about the tools I use here.


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