Ben Wilmore – Up To Speed CS4 Book

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“If you want to learn what’s new in CS4 and you want the most in-depth coverage of these features that you’ll find anywhere, then this book is a must. It covers every change made to Photoshop CS4 and nothing else … Also, if you’re on the fence about upgrading and really need to know if it would be worth it in your specific situation, then this book will allow you to assess exactly what you’d get by upgrading to CS4.”

Find out what’s in it and what others are saying about Ben’s book here.
Ben’s offering a special discount that beats Amazon through the end of today here.

Read my review of Ben’s Up To Speed CS3 here.
Check out other books I recommend here.

16 Bit Printing

November 10, 2008 | Leave a Comment |

16 bit printing is finally possible. It wasn’t before? That’s right.

Only Photoshop CS4 / Lightroom 2 actually deliver all 16 bits to the printer.

Only OSX 10.5 allows this; not Windows yet.

And only the latest updated drivers.

What improvements can you expect to see? Smoother gradations. Slightly more precise edge rendition.  As printer dot structures get finer and more precise, expect to see more improvements. Higher quality digital capture (higher bit, lower noise, greater resolution) will also improve output.

Find CS4 and Lightroom here.
Find Epson drivers here.

Learn more in my Fine Digital Print workshops.

Check out Julieanne Kost’s web site for new ACR5 and Photoshop CS4 video and PDFs.

ADOBE TV The Complete Picture – Episode 08

Let Julieanne show you the power behind the new features in Camera Raw 5. Discover how to make non-destructive localized corrections as well as create special effects using the Adjustment Brush, Graduated Filter, Post Cropping Vignettes and more!

ADOBE TV The Complete Picture – Episode 07

Discover the new features in Adobe Bridge CS4 as Julieanne walks through the new features, tools, refined interface and integration with Photoshop.

PSCS4 What’s new in Bridge CS4 (PDF)

Learn everything there is to get you up to speed quickly in Bridge CS4.

PSCS4 What’s New in Camera Raw 5 (PDF)

Discover the unlimited possibilities with Camera Raw 5.

PSCS4 Photoshop CS4 – But Wait, There’s More! (PDF)

Master the important but often overlooked refinements and adjustments in Photoshop CS4.

Julianne’s been one of Adobe’s top evangelists for years and one of the industry’s best resources. Find out more about her, see her work, find (all previously published resources), her book, and her dvds here.

Read my conversation with Julianne here.

PhotoshopCafe has launched it’s CS4 online Learning Center. Read an illustrated overview of new CS4 features. Watch four new free videos online – Retouch and Panels, Content-Aware Scale, New Interface, GPU Viewing Options and an interview with John Nack (Photoshop Principle Product Manager). It’s excellent content. It’s free!

Visit PhotoshopCafe’s CS4 Learning Center here.

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Photoshop Cafe just launched a new online magazine. The premiere issue offers 67 information packed pages covering the Adobe’s entire Creative Suite 4. It’s free!

Download the CS4 Superguide PDF here.

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Check out my upcoming seminars here.

Learn Photoshop CS4 in my workshops.

The Photoshop Guys at NAPP have put together some great short video tutorials that will help you get up to speed on CS4. Here’s the list.

Scott Kelby
Camera Raw Adjustment Brush
Graduated Filter Tool
Post-Crop Vignette

Corey Barker
3D Improvements
Mask Panel

Dave Cross
Bridge Updates
Content Aware Scaling

Matt Koslowski
Adjustment Panel
Dodge & Burn
On Image Controls
Live Brush Preview
Vibrance Adjustment

RC Concepcion
Dodge, Burn & Sponge
Blend Focus
Flash Panels
Zoom, Toss & Rotate
MultiTouch Gestures

See all the videos here.

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