David Hockney discusses the role of photography in his art and perception.

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Enjoy this sweeping survey of photography at National Geographic and the men and women who make the images.

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Ed Kashi offers deep insights into the practice of photojournalism.

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Marc Silber brings us another inside look at Ansel Adams’ world.

“Step inside Ansel Adams’ house and studio in this episode of Advancing Your Photography. Ansel’s son shares stories about his father’s lesser known commercial work and his teachings. Plus we get an up close look at Ansel’s personal camera collection! ”

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Epson’s new Legacy Papers are the finest papers I’ve ever used.

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Hear what other photographers are saying about them.

Use them in my digital printing workshops.

Get to know photographer Jock Sturges better with this video interview.

Read my conversation with Jock Sturges here.

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