Photoshop World Highlight – PSW Keynote

Adobe announced today  that CS Next is coming soon.
What’s Next? John Loiacono highlighted three key concepts that characterize the new release. Timesavers (real speed increases), Integration (transparently with Macromedia products), and Cutting Edge (daring new features).
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For me one of the most interesting things at Photoshop World is the keynote address. Adobe always unveils new technology / features that are either soon to be released or might be slated for future release at a later date. You get futurecasting about new possibilities in photography based on what’s actually in development now. It’s these presentations that make me feel like I’m truly in the 21st century.
John Loiacono and John Nack did a great job this morning. Their presentations were so smooth it was almost easy to overlook that what they were showing you were radical new ways of making photographic images. A tsunami seemed like a gentle wave. This may have helped many of us overcome a feeling akin to vertigo as we watched our photographic world change before your eyes.
1    Adobe’s free online service PhotoshopExpress soon to be compatible with mobile devices – store, share, adjust your images online – free … think Facebook meets PS
2    Configurator – a soon to be release utility that lets you customize and share your PS interface
3    ultrahigh resolution (multi-gigabyte) stitches with zooming capabilities – zoom into any part of an image and reveal amazing detail you couldn’t see with the naked eye
4    context sensitive scaling – scale an image without distorting key image areas
5    360 degree stitched panoramas that can be easily retouched or even rendered as a globe
6    paint directly on 3D renderings
7    super-fast preview and rendering of filters
Congratulations to today’s Photoshop Hall of Fame Inductees – John Nack and Martin Evening!
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  • Josh Snell

    10.09.2008 at 20:05 Reply

    Why do I feel so underwhelmed? Will try and watch their launch event though to give it a fair shake.

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