The Fine Art Of Digital Printing

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1. Dano’s Glossary of Fine Art Terms 

2. What Printing Can Do For You 

Making prints can do a lot for you.

3. What Printing Can Do For Your Images 

Making prints can do a lot for your images and your vision.

4. What To Look For In Prints | .99 | Free to Members

Knowing what to look for can help you make better prints.

5. Evaluating Substrates  | .99 | Free to Members
Choose media wisely. Your choice of material has a profound impact on your prints.

6. Epson – Print / File Size Chart  | .99 | Free to Members
The relationship between print size, file resolution and bit depth for Epson printers.

7. Epson Driver – Advanced B&W Photo

8. Epson Driver – Color 

9. Epson Driver – Double Color Management

10. Epson Driver – Ink Limit  | .99 | Free to Members

11. Preserve Print Shadow Detail 

12. Delete and Reload Printer Driver  | .99 | Free to Members

13. Paper Sizes – Standard  | .99 | Free to Members

14. Paper Size – Custom  | .99 | Free to Members

15. Printer Points of Control  | .99 | Free to Members
You have a number of points of control with digital printers.

16. Preflight Checklist | .99 | Free to Members
Createapreflight checklist designed to help you avoid common mistakes.

17. Longevity | .99 | Free to Members
How long do inkjet prints last? What should you do to protect them? Find out here.

18. Outgassing | .99 | Free to Members
Cure your prints before framing them.

19. Scale | .99 | Free to Members
Size matters. Consider the size of your prints carefully.

20. Output II – Film | .99
Printing digital negatives with Adobe Photoshop (all versions) – 6 pages

21. Metamerism
The tendency of an object to change appearance under different light sources.

22. Bronzing 
An iridescent flash of color when viewing prints under varying angles of light.

23. Gloss Differential 
Gloss differential is an uneven reflectance of the surface of a print.

24. Limited Editions | .99 | Free to Members
Edition structures disclose the number of prints that will be made of an image.

25. Notation | .99 | Free to Members
The notations you make on your prints add value to them.

26. Mounting | .99 Free to Members
Ensure that your prints are protected and beautifully displayed.

27. Matting | .99 | Free to Members
Make sure your images are protected and presented properly.

28. Framing | .99| Free to Members
The frames you choose will enhance the quality of your artwork.

29. Exhibiting | .99 | Free to Members
Make your experience more successful by knowing what is required.

30. Resolution | .99 | Free to Members
Learn how resolution can ensure fine detail and smooth transition.

31. Profile | Free

Do You Need to Make Your Own Printer Profiles?

32. Banding | .99 | Free to Members
Use these simple methods to cure banding.

33. Printer Maintenance | .99 | Free to Members
A little maintenance can go a long way!

34. 12 Classic Mistakes We’ve All Made Trying To Make Better Prints | Free


Photographers Celebrate The Black & White Print


John Sexton 

Kim Weston 


Photographers Celebrate The Print


Two Generations – Paul & John Paul Caponigro 

John Paul Caponigro 

Jeremy Cowart

Gregory Crewdson

Lois Greenfield 

Gerd Ludwig 

Steve McCurry

Mark Seliger 

John Sexton 

Tim Tadder 

Amy Toensing 

Stephen Wilkes 


Photographers Celebrate Printing


Bambi Cantrell

John Paul Caponigro 

Douglas Dubler 

Greg Gorman 

Jay Maise

Steve McCurry

Jeff Schewe


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