10 Tips for Photoshop World @ PyxSYLated

Sil Arena (Pixsylated) offers 10 tips for making the most of Photoshop World.
1. Rest up before you go
2. Plan each day and then be ready to change your plan
3. Wear comfortable shoes
4. Get to your sessions very early
5. Forget about taking notes
6. Carry water, food & clothing
7. Bring a backpack or messenger bag
8. Make new friends & rendezvous with old ones
9. Bring a fat wallet or a big credit card
10. Leave your ego at home
Get full details on each item and Bonus tips and Extra Credit at Pysylated.
For instance, did you know that in addition to the regularly scheduled seminars, special sessions and interviews are scheduled on the trade show floor?
Download Dave Cross’ PDF on what he plans to attend. Then make your own!
Check out all the sessions here.
Past seminars I’ve attended that rock include …
T    10:45-11:45    Jack Davis         Automating Everything – ACR & Actions
T    6:15-7:15        Deke McClelland        The Art of Sharpening
F    10:45-11:45    Jeff Schewe        Real World CS3 Camera Raw
F    12-1               Ben Willmore      High Dynamic Range Imagery
S    2:15-3:15        Jeff Schewe        Lightroom to Photoshop to Lightroom
Photoshop World Las Vegas starts September 4-6.
Find out more here.
I’m presenting …
W    1-5        Epson Print Academy Precon
(Rodney, Schewe, Caponigro)
F    7-9        The Art of Photoshop
(Caponigro, DiVitale, Glyda, Maisel, McNally, Peterson)
S    11-12    Painting With Light – 21st Century Dodging and Burning
S    1-2        The Power of Color
Which sessions have you attended and liked?
Which sessions are you most looking forward too?
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The Luscher Color Test – Online

The Luscher Color Test was devised by psychologict Max Luscher in 1969. It’s effectiveness has been known in advertising and industry (automotive and fashion) for years. Now you can gain some pracitalc insight into color psychology with this well-known color test – online.
It’s uncanny what this test can reveal (consistently), but remember it’s just a starting point. What’s far more revealing is your unique living relationship with color, which is revealed over time and in a variety of contexts under many influences. Awareness is the key. Use this as food for thought for developing insight into your relationship with color.
Take the test here.
What did the test reveal for you?
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Read more on Color Psychology here.
Learn more in my digital printing and digital photography workshops.

Focus On Nature – Iceland Journey 2008

“Excuse me sir. Could you help me get lost in Iceland?”
And we loved every minute of it.
If you want to get lost in Iceland, go with the pros; go with Focus On Nature.
We covered some territory and put in some long hours. And yet we feel we’ve only just begun to experience Iceland. Columnar basalt seashores, geothermal hotsprings, volcanic craters, lava beds, glaciers, glacial lagoons, black beaches strewn with ice, waterfalls, wide river deltas, lush river valleys, high deserts … but wait there’s more! But we’re out of time. We’ll have to wait – until next year.
Focus On Nature has been a great experience. Fantastic landscape! Great people!
Find out more about Focus on Nature here.
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