My ebook Atmospheric FX will help you take control of the weather in your images. Weather can alter the mood of any image. Sometimes weather makes the image. Photographers learn many ways to make the most of the weather. Now, you no longer have to wait for the perfect weather, you can create it using Adobe Photoshop. Learn to do this and you will dramatically expand your creative possibilities. Add an accent or transform an entire image. The choice is yours. Think of the possibilities!

Table of Contents

1 Skies
2 Atmospheric Perspective
3 The Language Of Night
4 Atmosphere
5 Smoke
6 Snow / Rain
7 Illumination
8 Rays Of Light
9 Stars
10 Lightning
11 Rainbows
12 Reflectiion
13 Shadows
136 pages fully illustrated.
Updated from my book Adobe Photoshop Master Class.
Compatible with all versions of Adobe Photoshop.
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Skies can make or break a landscape/seascape. Skies can dramatically alter the mood of any composition. In this video I show several variations of one composition and demonstrate how to replace an old sky or add a new sky.

Learn more in my DVD Atmospheric FX.


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Don’t just make the most of the weather, make the weather too!

Here’s a short excerpt from my DVD.

Learn more in my DVD Atmospheric FX.
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Atmospheric FX

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Learn more in my R/Evolution DVD series.
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Atmospheric FX

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Photographers learn how to make the most of weather.

Atmospheric FX will teach you how to make weather.

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Limits of Photography

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During our South American Cruising Through Life workshop we saw some amazing atmospheric effects: a fabulous smoky red moonrise; a moonbow with parahelia (brighter iridescent flares at the sides); and a star so bright and low on the horizon that it cast a long line of reflection in the ocean. These experiences made a lasting impression on me. I’m sure they’ll make appearances in my work. I made exposures, but none of these phenomena could be captured adequately on a moving boat. The situation and the tools at hand didn’t make finished exposures. But I’ll make finished images from the situation, using a combination of digital photography and rendering. I look forward to the day photography is able to capture images like these in these situations directly. I’m sure this won’t stop me from continuing to render images. But it will present me with new opportunities. Until then a little invention is required.

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